Monday, October 21, 2013

The Essence of All Art is Presentation

"For the art of magic, this means 'dramatization.'  That is that the trick, as our basic element can only be a means or a building block in our play, farce, comedy, or drama.  The trick, presented by itself, has no artistic value, as a "harmonic" on the violin is only a virtuosic flourish, a "trick," if it is played all by itself, without the composition from which it has been taken."

"An artistically presented trick loses its character as a trick. It ceases to exist as an independent entity. The spectator will no longer think of the trick, but of the event into which it is imbedded. As long as the audience still concerns itself with figuring out "how," it is either an artistically unappreciative or illogical audience, or our drama was not breathtaking. The heart remained cold."

"Also in the "art of magic" (which sounds better than the more applicable "art of illusion"), the art is the heart of all things. The trick, the magical effect, can only appeal to and stupefy the intellect. ("Stupefy" reminds one painfully of stupid!) This leaves our emotions cold and unmoved. There is no spiritual content, no experience. An artist can call forth the gamut of human emotion by magic - from smiles, to shock, to horror, to tears. This may sound somewhat eccentric to some 'tricksters', but that does not alter the facts."


*from the book Magical Adventures and Fairy Tales


  1. Merci pour tout vos conseils. C'est un plaisir de lire ce blog. Il y a plein de pépites. Continuez !