Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Closer.

The majority of any audience tend to easily recall the ending of any show. Think about the last movie you saw and you will probably find that the ending is what you remember quite easily. So how can you create the most powerful ending to your routines or show that will also contain a memorable impact? Human brains hate to be bored and love the unexpected. Do something unusual. Do something unpredictable. Close your performances with a key script line and the most important visual image you want everyone to go home talking about and remembering for years to come. If you do this correctly, they will.

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  1. Very good advice Bill as always.

    Ive always opened and closed my shows in unique ways because of some things Ive learned in my Psychology degree; I take advantage of The Primacy Effect and The Recency Effect.

    Basically, it means The Primacy effect means that people are more likely to remember the first things they see/experience. The Recency Effect means they will remember the most recent thing they see/experience.

    If I start my show with something thats surprising and funny, and end my show with something spectacular, people will (and ALWAYS have) remembered my shows so that EVERY effect (even if something has "bombed" believe it or not!) in the show was funny and surprising and that I ended things with a BANG!

    It works every time.