Thursday, July 4, 2013

The 7-11 Show

I met world renowned veterinarian Sheldon Japhine at a magic masterclass held in Toronto several years ago and we coined the phrase the "7-11 show".  This show would consist entirely of props you could purchase at any 7-11 store (or equivalent; gas station, drug store, 24 hour variety store or Walmart).  With those props you have the ability to perform in any environment for any audience. 

This wasn't just an exercise for the armchair magician but for the working pro who will inevitably be caught out with lost luggage and a waiting audience.  

What will be in your 7-11 show?


  1. Newspaper tear
    Cards across
    Stabbed and Shot (with adaptations)
    Invisible Coercion
    Journey to Love

    Actually I wrote a 7-11 show years back when I had to fly out to Labrador and what if I list my luggage.

    Don't worry about it now because my show is always in my carry on

  2. Cool, thanks for sharing Peter. You are prepared!

  3. Many years ago an olde and very wise magician friend posed the thought. You are introduced to someone and your friend doing the intro says , "Jack is a magician" and the person who was being introduced says, "Show me a trick." That led me to decide to always have several things in my pockets at all times. So I have about 30 minutes on me and being tutored in mentalism by E. Raymond Carlyle I have learned to utilize all kinds of stuff readily available just about anywhere to grab if I was in need. My motto , to myself, became, "If you are a magician you should be ready to perform whenever asked">

  4. Last year I arrived to do a 2 hour walk around gig at a Hospital for the psychology department (Doctors, nurses and admin staff). I opened the back door of my car to see that I had left my case at home! Horrible. I didn't have enough time to leave and get back so I hit up the gift store for some cards. I bought 4 decks and borrowed come paper clips. I was able to put together 3 walk around sets using the cards, paper-clips, and the napkins. No one was the wiser.

  5. Did a lecture several times in the late 80's for various clubs in Southern Ontario & Western New York on exactly this subject.

  6. Cards Across
    Tic Tac Trick
    Gypsy Thread with Dental Floss
    Paper Balls Over The Head