Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Being Seen & Heard

When you enter into the realm of stand-up, stage or cabaret magic you soon realize that the environment is rarely ever your creation or choice. Imagine the worst possible scenario you could be faced with and something worse than you ever imagined will eventually be a reality.  You must be prepared. You are a professional. You have to construct a bullet proof show that will work in any environment you are thrown into. Your angles, use of a microphone, the proximity of the audience how to play large with smaller tricks and making sure the larger effects play well at a short distance from the audience are all things to contemplate. 


  1. I would go one better, though. With any environment, figure out how to make your show 'work' and then figure out how to TAKE ADVANTAGE of that unique environment to make your show work even better. (For instance, a chosen card 'appears' behind the painting hanging on the wall behind you.) USE the SPACE - Don't just exist in it to get by. Them's me thoughts.


    Chipper :)

  2. Love it! You should do this full time Chipper!

  3. Totally agree! Especially with chipper. I once performed at a location and placed revelations even inside light bulbs within the room. Such as a card transposition.