Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Be yourself.

Your routines, methods and clothing are not your performance. You are your performance. I know this is not what the manufacturers of the latest tricks are telling you (Bill Abbott?!) but it is the unvarnished, naked truth.  You should choose tricks you can put your "originality" stamp onto and that are inherently a part of who you are.  How is it yours? How are you presenting it differently that anyone else on the planet? Will you still be performing this routine ten years from now (and loving it)? You don't have to re-invent the wheel but it would be nice if you painted it your favourite colour. 


  1. How do you know who you are? I'm just an ordinary person...not too smart but not dumb...not that funny but can make people laugh. I'm totally ordinary....who am I then? You can always tell the characters in a room...the one's that will stand out...I'm not that person..how do I find my character?

  2. You can stand out by using and highlighting exactly who you are to connect with your audience.

    A good exercise is to ask 10 people who know you well to list three traits they like most about you. You may (or may not) be surprised by the list that is compiled. From the list you can help define your onstage character as a performer even more. This list is great launching point to start to develop your act based around how others see you and ultimately how your audience will see you.

  3. I Think when starting out we tend to copy magicians already out there and i think over time once you become comfortable with the tricks you are doing then you are able to find yourself as a magician..