Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Falling In Love

The secret to winning an audience over is not to 'blow them away' too soon, as we have occasionally been taught.  If you blow them away too soon they'll develop a dislike for you and worse they won't care what you do next.  Instead of "here's a puzzle you can't figure out. Enjoy suckers!" you should adopt the attitude that you are introducing the best side of yourself to someone you're trying to impress.  Court the audience. Woo the audience. People need to fall in love with you.  Make it easy for them.  Be loveable.  Once you're loveable - you can do anything.

Here is the optimum relationship progression between performer and audience:

From Curiosity to Attention. From Attention to Amazement. From Amazement to Admiration. From Admiration to Love. 

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  1. This is wonderful advice.. very thought provoking.. when thinking about the last few shows I have done, I am thinking I wish I had seen this advice sooner!