Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A New Years Challenge

I recently had the privilege (read : horror) of watching a recent performance of mine on video. My corporate manager attended one of my holiday shows and taped it with his flip camera from the back of the venue. As with many performers I really have a hard time watching myself on video. With every little tick, nuance and breath on video I only see the terrible, the amateurish and all the things that need improvement. This time was no different.

It dawned on me that sitting there as a hapless victim was going to go nowhere. So I stopped the clip and grabbed a pen and paper. Then I went back to beginning and as I watched I began to make a shopping list of everything I could improve. At the end of the 45 min. viewing I felt hopeful rather than depressed because of the list I had made and the mindset that I had. I went over the list with my wife and she added some things. And then I went over the list with my manager and he added some things. And now this list of improvements has become my New Years resolution. Everything on this list is stuff to work on. Goals to achieve. Scripting, blocking, stage movement, audience management, etc. All with the general goal of bringing the best I can deliver to my audiences in the year to come.

My challenge to you is to do the same. Nobody can make the list for you but I would recommend bringing a couple of people on board that you trust to view a video of your show and to give you honest objective and subjective feedback. And to help you make you and your the show the best it can be.


  1. thankz Bill....guess there's another man from the north that's all 'bout making a list and cheching it twice....must be something in that glacial water !

  2. The camera doesn't lie. It's SUCH a useful tool to watch/listen to recordings of yourself ... if you have the courage!! Way to go Billy!