Saturday, April 30, 2011

Your Gas Stinks

Okay calm down, don't have a complex.
Every ones gas stinks.

It always seems that when I'm on my way to a gig, I need to get gas (or petrol to our European friends, or diesel if you're like me). The problem is when the inevitable happens and gas/oil residue on the gas pump handle gets on our hands, the smell of gas doesn't come off. Believe me you can scrub your hands 'til they're raw in the service station restroom, that stench will NOT come off. If you're working close-up with your audience that night or simply shaking hands with a client, you could potentially be sending a negative 'odorous' vibe that could effect your first impression on them. This is something I have been doing recently that has circumvented the 'stinky gas hands' syndrome. Most service stations have paper towels at the pumps and if they do, try this easy fix...

Step One: Grab a towel. (see photo)

Step Two: Wrap the towel around the gas pump handle before picking it up.

Step Three: Pump your gas and...voila! Your hand is protected from the evil residue and consequent odour of gas.


  1. Alternative two: make sure you fill up your tank the day BEFORE the gig, and wash your hands BEFORE going to sleep that very same night. Oh, and don't forget to wash your hands BEFORE going to the gig the next day too :0 ...I guess with this solution, the key to success is in the B4. ;)

  2. Alternative three: Stick with the first solution. Clean paper towels work best, as Bill has suggested. Funny thing is I find that I often run out of gas just as I GET to the show. This means I often fill up after the show. BTW, no matter when I fill up the tank, I always pay with the money I was saving up to purchase some of Bill's amazing tricks! :( Just sayin' ;)