Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My 11 personal challenges for 2011.

1. CLEAN UP MY ACT : I have been hemming and hawing about adding a couple new pieces to my show for way too long. 2011 is the year they GO IN! As in NOW! As in the my NEXT PERFORMANCE!

2. SEEK CRITICISM : I want to grow as an artist this year. I want to take my performances to a different place this year. AND I want someone else's perspective. AND I'm willing to pay for it.

3. LEARNING TO SAY NO : I want to achieve and attain what's important to me this year. This means I will have to say no to a LOT more stuff, to get those things done. I'm prepared to do that.

4. KEEP A NOTEBOOK : A notebook. For notes. Close by. Always. And then re-read it, digest it and enact it.

5. LOOK FOR OUTSIDE INSPIRATION : I want to gain my motivations from OUTSIDE of the magic medium and community. Time to spread the wings and soar to another land.

6. BUILD YOUR REPERTOIRE : I want to add just two new things this year. That's it. But make them awesome.

7. SHARE : I'm teaching magic at my son's school this spring. I'm excited and a little nervous.

8. NO COMPROMISES : Stick to the vision and anything that pulls me away in other directions is to be shaken off, removed or put to rest. (humans and animals not included)

9. OBSERVE TRENDS - AND AVOID THEM : I've always found success and fulfillment in "different-ness". May that continue.

10. SWEAT : Stop ignoring and putting off the hard work that is necessary in becoming GREAT at something. You know what that 'something' is. (don't you Bill!)

11. BE A HERO : For me it's being a hero to my sons. That means more time together, more attention given and less selfish endeavours.

Please add your own challenges below...

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  1. FLEX CREATIVITY: Make an effort to create something completely new. Don't be afraid if it's "strange", that's probably why it's unique!