Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stop The Insanity!

You've just picked up your suit from the cleaners, put it on, packed the car and are on the way to your gig. You pop in to Starbucks for that Grande decaf and settle back into your car ready to face the hour long drive to the venue. About half way into your journey, your notice your cup is leaking around the lid...and for the love of all that's good and pure, there is now a nice large Rorschach coffee stain on your newly pressed dress shirt!

Okay, I'm not going to tell you how to get the stain out. Just Google that. I am going to share with you my hard earned knowledge of how I have been preventing this scenario over the past couple of years (and several leaks and spills later).

Step One:
Buy your hot drink of choice (see photo).

Step Two:
Add stuff to your drink and stir (see photo).

Step Three:
Looking down on the top of the cup, locate where the cup is 'joined' together. See the black arrow pointing at the 'join' in the photo.

Step Four:
Now place the lid opening 1 centimetre (about 1/2 inch my American friends!) to the right of that 'join' and firmly press the lid on the cup. The black arrow shows approximately where that should go in the two photos above (side and top views).

Step Five:
Now take a napkin and lay it flat on a table.

Step Six:
Fold the napkin in half.

Step Seven:
Now wrap the folded napkin around the side of the cup, close to the lid and centred at the cup opening.

Step Eight:
Enjoy your drink. The lid placement shown should cover most leaks and the added napkin 'safeguard' will catch the rest.

Final Thought:
Before I get comments about being environmentally unfriendly, let me say that the best way to prevent a leaking and spilling cup, is to invest in a non-disposable, re-useable, ecologically mature, travel mug with a good tight lid that is easy to drink from. But you already new that.


  1. Or, just order your grande coffee, and ask them to put it in a venti cup for you. They do that.

  2. Or perhaps be safe and sensible and don't drink while you are driving.