Monday, February 1, 2010

February PRO-TIP for Customize Your Smart Ass

February's Bill Abbott Magic PRO-TIP is a full routine using Customize Your Smart Ass found here on my website.


I first started to use a customizable Smart Ass deck shortly after I had created the original Smart Ass deck. I wanted a large scale stage prediction that didn't have the limitations that many of the marketed and published versions currently available, seem to have. I wanted something portable, fairly inexpensive, reusable, and with a finale that played to an audience of 3,000, if needed. That's when I put together the All-Inclusive Vacation Prediction, which is one of the several routines detailed in the Customize Your Smart Ass booklet that comes with the deck. The AIVP has the decided advantage of being truly predicted in advance, with no double-writing, carbon impressions or a difficult to read finale. Although I will not tip the method(s) here, anyone with some background in magic and mentalism should be able to piece it together. The complete version is in the Customize Your Smart Ass booklet found here.


At the end of your show you explain that due to an incredible sales year at company XYZ (insert client’s company name here), the upper management has agreed to arrange for an all-expenses paid vacation for everyone to anywhere in the world. They have left the choice up to us to choose the destination, time of departure and the form of transportation to the destination. You take off your watch and ask a volunteer in the front row to stand up and show them that you want them to wind your watch changing the time with each turn of the stem. To make this a random procedure ask them to do this while the watch face is face down in their hand.

While they are doing this you ask anyone to call out vacation destinations. As they do, you pull out a pad of paper and begin to write down each destination per piece of paper, folding them twice and dropping them one at a time onto an empty table or chair. Once you have 10-12 names you ask a volunteer to join you on stage. You ask them to select any slip of paper from the random ones on the table/chair and to pocket it. Once this is done you invite them to take a seat on a chair beside you.

You remove a pack of blank backed cards that have various forms of transportation on one side of them. MOPED, STREETCAR, KAYAK, ON FOOT, SNOWMOBILE, DOG SLED, ONE HORSE OPEN SLEIGH, etc. are some of the options. You hand them the pack and proceed with the 'Smart Ass' elimination procedure concluding with a final selection which you tell your participant to pocket along with the destination. Finally you tell your ‘watch winding’ assistant to stop his winding and to push the stem of the watch in, turn the watch over and call out the random time. You write the time on a large black/ white board, thank the volunteer and take back your watch.

Instruct your on stage volunteer to remove the mystery destination slip and transportation card from their pocket and call both out while you write them on the board below the departure time. Take back the card and slip and ask the volunteer to take their seat. You ask the event organizer to come on stage and to bring ‘the package’. They come to the stage bringing a long mailing tube. Ask them to verify that they received this package two weeks before the performance and have not opened or tampered with it in anyway. Ask them to open it and remove the contents. Inside there are is a large scroll of paper. You ask them to take one free end while you let it unroll from the ‘scroll’. Slowly the departure time, form of transportation and exact destination is revealed in a banner that boldly proclaims a 100% accurate prediction that eventually fills the entire stage.


You do not have to mail out the prediction ahead of time, but it does lend itself to a more dramatic and suspenseful conclusion. I have had a professionally printed banner printed on vinyl that, when unrolled, opens to a whopping 25 feet across and 3 feet wide. This fits into a mailing tube which I seal and mail to the client previous to the event with the instruction to bring it to the show. You could do this cost-effectively using your own printer, or simply take a roll of paper and write out your prediction with a large marker.

Have Fun!

Until next time, think nice thoughts.


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